Wednesday, April 23, 2014
There’s no comfortable way out of your comfort zone. Paul John Moscatello (via liberatingreality)


Art invades the parking lot of the Italian newspaper La Stampa in Turin (Italy). It’s Abithoudini and the author is Agostino Iacurci.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 4.22.14


Earth Day 4.22.14

There are no Jack Kerouacs or Holden Caulfields for girls. Literary girls don’t take road-trips to find themselves; they take trips to find men.

"Great" books, as defined by the Western canon, didn’t contain female protagonists I could admire. In fact, they barely contained female protagonists at all.

It’s Frustratingly Rare to Find a Novel About Women That’s Not About Love - Kelsey McKinney - The Atlantic (via davidlynchshair)

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Good morning everyone!!!!

Thank fucking god


(by Sam Moore)
You are allowed to be alive. You are allowed to be somebody different. You are allowed to not say goodbye to anybody or explain a single thing to anyone, ever. Augusten Burroughs  (via re-examine)

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